The Life Of Bako

Who is Baktash Noori?

Baktash Noori more commonly known as "Bako" or "The Life of Bako", is a 25 Year old YouTuber, Blogger & Software Engineer from Manchester. This just means that he is a confident computer geek mixed with a creative side that he uses to inspire people, make others smile from entertaining videos and bring light on subjects that aren’t talked about much.

Bako was born in Kabul (Afghanistan) and moved to Rotterdam (Netherlands) at an early age. Bako lived in Rotterdam/Amsterdam for the majority of his early life. He moved to Manchester (England) with his family in 2006. Bako is fluent in: English | Farsi/Dari | Dutch/Flemish | Urdu/Hindi |


What Are My Dreams & Goals In Life?



Like the majority of people in the world, i'd love to travel and what better way of travelling then to throw a dart on the map?! Let's just hope the dart doesn't land somewhere in the middle of nowhere, like the Atlantic ocean. Ooops! I'm a very curious human being, i like visiting new places, eating new foods, seeing new animals i've never even heard of before. 

Inspiring Others

I love to educate, enlighten and bring attention to things that need attention. A small act of kindness can do a lot, believe me! Creating content allows me to show common scenarios in life that people can relate to and understand. We live in a society where nearly everyone has a smart phone, so why not use the power of technology to do something that will inspire to do good as well? Lead by example as they say :)



I didn't come from a rich background. Nor did i have a normal childhood with lots of toys, family, get the idea. More than anything in the whole wide world, i'd love to make enough income to one day purchase a house for my parents and for them to not work anymore. That's definitely number 1 on my priority list. 


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