My Camera Pack: Microphones, Bags, Flash & Tripods


Microphone: Rode VideoMic GO

A question that i commonly get asked is: "How do you record your videos? What mic do you use?..." So what better way to let you guys know, then to write a quick blog about it!


So the Microphone i use for my YouTube videos is the "Rode VideoMic GO". 

  • High quality directional microphone
  • No battery required
  • Integrated Rycote® Lyre® shock mounting
  • Weighs only 73g
  • Rugged reinforced ABS construction
  • Windshield included
  • 3.5mm mini-jack output
  • Integrated cold-shoe mount with 3/8” thread

At the time when i bought my Rode microphone with the windshield (also known as a deadcat) it retailed at approx £80 - £90. But as time has gone by and better microphones have come into existence the price for this microphone has reduced a lot! In the U.K. you can buy it from a retailer for way less then what i bought it at initially.

Price:  £50 - £60

Camera Backpack:

Manfrotto Pro Light RedBee-210 Reverse Access Backpack

So by default every time i have bought a camera, i have received a small camera bag. They aren't great, in fact they are pretty useless except for storage at home. My first camera back-pack that i bought was really bad. I got it from Amazon at £30. It was the worst decision ever. Not only did it not have enough space, it was small and delicate, literally! Instant regret the minute it arrived home from Amazon!

Fast forward- 2 months and i bought more gear and cameras etc. which mean now i had to buy a proper backpack since i would start my journey as Bako Vlogs from now on. So i visited Jessops which sells camera and accessories. I came across the: Manfrotto Pro Light RedBee-210 Reverse Access Backpack. It is the best camera back-pack out there in my opinion. For the equipment i have, and size of my cameras, everything fits! What do i put inside it when i travel, well here it is:

  • Nikon D5300: lens, 5 spare batteries, charger, cable, sling, gorilla pod, memory stick adapter
  • Canon G7X Mark 2: Hand grip, 5 spare batteries, charger, cable, memory stick adapter, hand grip
  • DJI Mavic Air: Drone, remote, 2 spare batteries, charger, battery bag, spare propellers, propeller guards
  • GoPro Hero 4: 3 spare batteris, charger, accessories (chest harness, head, under water, surfboard, selfie stick...)
  • Dr Dre Beats Studio 3.0: charging cable, hard-case, Aux cable
  • External Harddrive & lens cleaning cloth
  • Rode Microphone: 2m extensiom cable
  • 2m Tripod attached to bag externally
  • Waterproof wrap: wraps around the bag  to make it waterproof

Price: £99


Lighting: Neewer CN 160 LED CN-160


Lighting is key to a good video or picture. Although i'm a big fan of RAW images minus the lighting, there have been times where you just have to use a bit of extra light as well as the flash.  I use the Neewer CN LED light. NOTE: there are many different versions of this, the one i have uses a rechargeable battery (see image on the right) that lasts longer then normal rechargeable AA batteries. I highly recommend getting this one that i have or something similar! I would not recommend you buying the AA battery version of this light since it honestly doesn't last long at all. I threw mine away and bought this one instead. Although there are better lights then the one i have, for the price you pay, this one is really good!

Price: £39

Hand Grips & Tripods

For my vlogging, i use my CANON G7X Mark 2 camera. Now i obviously don't hold the camera in my hand since it'll be risky dropping it but also, it's not the best efficient way of holding a camera when vlogging, your arm will literally take up half the screen LOL! So if you're into vlogging then i highly recommend you buy a hand grip, something with good texture that you can hold during any weather conditions without it slipping out your hand e.g. sweaty hands! The hand grip i use is the: 1/4" Screw Handle Holder Grip Stabilizer.

It has the generic screw that you can attach to pretty much every camera. The hand grip is best for light weight cameras like my vlogging camera. Larger and heavier cameras will need a bigger and better hand grip or as an alternative; a gorilla pod. I wouldn't recommend using a large DSLR camera for vlogging! So what is the price on a hand grip like the one i use? Good news, it ain't much! 

Price: £8 -£10


For bigger cameras like my Nikon D5300 i use my Gorilla pod for pictures (self-timer). It's much more useful then a standard grip. You can hang your camera off anything so long as you wrap the 3 legs correctly that is. As for tripods in general, they are all pretty much the same, if you are looking for a tall tripod, look for one that's lightweight and is adjustable at various heights. I have 2 main tripods, one of which extends to 2 metres, whereas the other only extends to 120cm. NOTE: there are many fake gorilla pods out there that look sturdy and good online for as cheap as £10. DO NOT BUY THESE. Most of the time the legs are not as compact and strong as they seem! This in return means, your camera will most likely drop off these fake gorilla pods or the legs aren't as flexible as they should be!

Gorilla Pod Price: £30


Microphone: Olympus WS582


For my Skits & Social Experiment videos whereby the Microphone should not be visible, i use the Olympus WS582 pocket microphone. It uses a small battery that lasts a very long time. I buy cheap disposable batteries for this microphone since they last a long time + who's got time nowadays to keep charging batteries?! If you're making Skits like myself then using a microphone like this really helps out, believe me! You don't have to buy the one i have, you can buy a cheaper one by all means. The good thing about the Olympus WS582 is that it organises your recordings in folders automatically making it easier for you to locate your recordings. Furthermore, it has a speaker that not all pocket microphones have, you can listen immediately to your recordings.

Price: £50-£60

Baktash Noori