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As a person who knows what it’s like to have gone through Depression in the past, i would love to be able to help others. I am not an expert, nor am i an advocate but i am a good listener, and i can always share my story with you on what has helped me over the years and what hasn’t. for starters, make little positive changes to your lifestyle and what you do on a daily basis. I once again, may not have the solution or the answers for you, but i will always try my best :)

Counselling and/or medication isn’t always the answer for everyone, it certainly wasn’t for me! So i started improvising and started looking at what exactly helps me, or what may possibly help me. It was pretty much a game of “Trial & Error” in all honesty. But that’s what makes it good, with this trial and error, i tried things i never did before just to see if it affected my thinking and my mindset at the time in any way or form. Certain things helped, others didn’t. Some had bigger affects on me and vice versa, others didn’t.


So if you are in a position where you need someone to talk to, or just find out what you can do to lift back up away from the darkness you’re currently in, then please reach out :)

I typically hit up the “Tim Hortons” on Bury New Road (Manchester) so this would be an ideal place to sit & talk. I do like the "Ice-Caps” they do, you should definitely try it.


This is a free service that i am doing from my own time, it is not sponsored, i am not getting paid to do this in any way or form, nor am i doing this for a pat on the back. Why am i doing this? The number of people in England that suffer from Depression is ever growing and the support and advice people need isn’t always readily available. To get registered for help from a therapist can take anything up 2 weeks currently (June 2019). I think that is absolutely shambles and seem as i am mostly in Tim Hortons doing work anyway, why not help someone while i am at it.

Moreover, it actually helps me sleep at night, knowing i have changed one persons life out there, it’s a real mental health booster for myself. It’s a good feeling and i love it, like i always say: “Positive vibes only”.

Finally, depression specifically in asian house holds is a bit of a taboo topic. Mainly because; in a lot of languages from countries based in Asia, there is no word for “Depression”. HAVE A THINK. See if there is a perfect word for “Depression” in your language. Depression in most asian households is seen as just sadness or lazy etc.

Luckily that wasn’t the case for me, but there are a lot people out there that need some advice on how to tackle this whole “Depression” thing.


Bako :)