My Autumn Look...

Living in Manchester (England) you can always expect rain. It's inevitable, it could be a sunny day, 20 degrees celsius and out of nowhere, it'll start raining. When i say it rains a lot in Manchester, take my word for it, out of the 365 days in the year, it rains a good 250 days of it (no joke). Manchester is different, it's the only city where i believe that literally everyone complains about the weather all the time, mostly rain of course. I travel a lot for work and so i get to see what the weather is like in both Manchester & London on a given day. I can without a doubt confirm that, It's more warmer in London (naturally). But this blog post is not about weather so let's get back on topic!

Round Hat - I don't really wear round hats, i always used to think it won't suit me, but that's were i went wrong. I went off assumption rather then trying to make it work by first putting together my outfit. I bought it from Topman.

Jacket - Purely a one-off purchase from Zara. I don't usually buy jackets/coats from Zara since it's such a popular place to buy trendy clothes from. I like being different and so shopping at Zara doesn't really help since it's such a huge and succesfull brand. 

Shirt - Just a simple long oversized shirt from H&M. NOTE: when it rains, it's see through :)

Bag - MCM Worldwide. The colour doesn't do it justice, it's so unique and definitely one of my favourite brands out there when it comes to bags, backpacks, duffle bags you name it.


Jeans - Levis, the only EVER purchase i have ever made from Levis, was it a good buy? YES IT WAS! (although they could make the pockets a little bigger)

Shoes - Kurt Geiger (Suede) - They are definitely one of my favourite pair of trainers. They are very comfy and the colour speaks for itself, it definitely grabs attention. However, the problem with any suede shoe is that it leaves crease marks on the top from naturally bending the shoe when walking. Such a shame since the quality of the shoe is second to none.

So anywho, what is my Autumn look? Well, to be honest with you, i don't really have a set autumn look like most other fashion bloggers that wear massive scarfs or big warm jackets. I don't mind the cold, so wearing a single layer is sufficient for me. This year i decided to change my look a little. 2017 has been the year that i really got into: Sand, Nude, Beige, Cream, Tan & Khaki. So i decided to mix things up a little. As many people know, my name is @blvckcrvze for a reason. I wear mostly #AllBlackEverything clothes. So for me to get out of that habit & comfort zone and wear different colours with no "black" at all, is something unusual. This is the look i went for this year, i mixed a couple of different colours together and it's definitely grown into me. (I think i should start investing into more brighter coloured outfits from now on).

As always, thank you for reading & have a blessed day peeps :)

Struggling with Your Own Fashion Style? Try Mixing Bright Colours...Trust Me!