Why Do I Wear An Anonymous Mask?


So most of you that follow me on my social media platforms will know that i like wearing masks. Typically during my photoshoots i tend to add a couple shots with me wearing a mask. More commonly it'll be the anonymous mask that i wear. People always ask me why i wear a mask and what the whole motive behind it is. is there a motive? Is it a fashion statement?  So i guess it's time to bring some light on this subject and believe it or not it's a bit more serious then people think. Now, enough with the chit chat and let's get on with the explaining.

So here goes...

First of all, let's do a quick enlightening lesson. We live in a world with different types of people: We have the rich/poor, the healthy/unhealthy, the humble/greedy and the list goes on. These are all traits that we pick up from our surroundings, upbringing, who we hang out with etc. Now the saddest fact about the world we live in is that; there's a lot of injustice & greed, typically at the hands of those people that we trust the most! In most cases we see the 'wrong' but we all fully know we can't do anything about it since our voices won't be heard. It's sad, but it's true. 


Now back on topic...

Guy Fawkes started the "Anonymous movement". Now if this sounds gibberish to you, then fear not. The anonymous movement is not a group or gang etc. it does not have a leader of any form or kind that leads meetings. There are no leaders. There is no online application form, membership & signing-on fee like in the gym, or initiation process. The people who refer to themselves as 'anonymous' are simply people that are passionate about an issue and strongly feel that change is needed. Issues such as; Global warming, War, Corporate Corruption etc. The people that refer to themselves as 'Anonymous' are everywhere, they are socially aware of the current mess the world is in. Anonymous in this case doesn't stand for anything, the closest definition in regards to this would be: "Justice & truth".

The Answer...


What has all that information above got to do with it?

So why do i wear a mask?


Is it a Fashion Statement?


Well, there are a couple reasons to why i wear masks and more specifically the 'anonymous mask'. 


As human beings, believe me when i say this but, when we see a picture of another person, whatever it is they're doing, we naturally look at the face first. Why? Just like when we have a conversation with another person we tend to speak to them "face-to-face". So wearing a mask avoids the need for people to look at your face (i think). A simple look will direct the attention to my outfit.


The Perfect Shot

As a fashion blogger, during rainy, windy conditions etc. trying to get the 'perfect' shot without showing natural facial expressions is more difficult then it looks. Just imagine a gust of wind hitting your face while you're trying to keep a straight face. Wearing a mask, makes my life easier. At the end of the day, it's the outfit that matters, not my face.


Wearing a mask makes people wonder. Just like you are reading this article, there are people that will see my pictures with a mask for the first time. Their reaction will typically be something along the lines of: "Why is he wearing a mask?". As human beings, we tend to be curious, this curiosity increases the time a new person spends of trying to find out "why". in return, they will most likely continue to look at my images to see what i look like or why i have a mask on etc. This in-return is beneficial for me, as a blogger, we want people to explore our posts, read and look.



Just like most other people out there, i have many insecurities about myself too. That whole aspect of hiding in a cocoon due to social anxiety is quite something, trust me. Although we shouldn't really care what other people think of us, it is natural to want to look good, be good & do good. Wearing a mask is my way out of worrying what other people think or have to say about e.g. my eyes or skin etc. Although most guys won't admit this, since we're meant to be all 'Macho', but guys do have insecurities just like girls do. Some more then others depending on the individual. 


The Guy Fawkes mask itself is now a symbol, a symbol of awareness. While Guy Fawkes was an actual historical figure, and the tradition of wearing a mask during 'Guy Fawkes Night' is long standing, the current Guy Fawkes mask was created by British comic artist, David Lloyd, and was used in the movie V for Vendetta. It wasn’t just the mask’s charming smile that caught people’s attention, but the message the movie portrayed. The Guy Fawkes mask represented 'hope' in this case.

This whole aspect of hope is what i really like, hope is such a wonderful thing to have in desperate times. It gives you that small glimpse that everything might get back to normal, that sparkle that everything will be fine and there's a way out. So wearing a mask that shows a grinning face, is quite unique to me. You may look 'happy ' from the outside, but from the inside you may be not so much, and all that you are looking for is a little bit of hope.  

Thank you for reading & stay blessed :)