Mixing Black & White

Here is a quick post about why i like mixing 2 opposite colours on the spectrum and why it should be something you should look at too...enjoy!

So although most people like myself live the #AllBlackEverything fashion lifestyle, there is (believe it or not) something that looks wayyyy better (in my opinion)! And judging from the title of this post, you must already know what i'm referring to. Yes, i am not referring to Black & Pink (although that's also one hell of a combo), i am referring to the colours of black & white. They are opposites on the spectrum but boyyyy do they really compliment one-another.

Not everything is visible but, look below the image on the right if you want to know what i am wearing

Here is the fancy story...

Sooooo i really like the symbol and meaning being "Yin-Yang". For those who don't know what that is, here's a quick summary:

"There's good in every bad. And there's bad in every good" Which simply refers to:  "dark-bright", "negative-positive". Yin-Yang describes how 2 opposing forces may in fact be complimentary with one-another. Hence why mixing Black & White actually works!

While the white stands out from the black, the black compliments the white.  Sounds gibberish right?! Anywho, this is just a quick post, nothing too intense. But, i will say this, do try my little bit of advice out!

Have a blessed day :) 


Snapback by Supra

White Long T-Shirt by H&M

Black overs by Zara

Low-crotch Harem pants by Zara

Kicks by Nike (Huarache)

Watch by Icewatch

Backpack by MCM




Baktash Noori