The Best Photoshoot Location?!


First things first...

What makes this location so amazing?

As a fashion blogger, we like good locations that will compliment our outfits. The location can be anywhere, so long as there is good lighting that is. While on my placement year in Bristol (England) in 2015/2016 i accidentally stumbled upon this place after getting lost in the city centre. Naturally, being a fashion blogger and having a good eye to good photoshoot locations, i dropped a pin on WhatsApp so i don't forget where it is, Two weeks later a friend of mine decided to test out her new camera and do a photoshoot with me. naturally i said: "YES!", and i knew exactly where to go.

I love doing photoshoots at abandoned places, it's just me, a personal preference you could say. Referring to this photoshoot location as "abandoned" would be an overstatement. It's simply a train track that has no more links to it & so the trains are still just left there, people walk past this location everyday and see it all the time. The fact that I could go on the train tracks just like everybody else without putting any life in danger is what makes it perfect. I have seen plenty of fashion bloggers, photographers etc. taking quick pictures on in-use train/tram tracks which is very risky! i do not recommend doing that all. If you really want to do some photography at an abandoned train location, then here it is!

Where is it?

Location:Museum Street, Bristol, England, BS1 4RN