Off-white is the new trend!

So most of you reading this will probably have heard of the Milan based fashion label: 'Off-white'. For those who don't, here's a quick summary:

Virgil Abloh is the creative designer & founder of the hugely successful fashion label; Off-white. He received major attention during the Jay-Z & Kanye West 'Watch the Throne tour' where he provided the outfits for both artists as the art director. His name further peaked attention after launching 'Off-white' in 2014. The huge success & popularity behind the name came from its unique look, but also because it peaked a lot of interest with fashion bloggers. The stylish street look definitely grabbed attention on social media and on the streets.

Being a fashion blogger myself, i do honestly love Off-White clothing (not so much the shoes). The paint type look on the back of the shirts/hoodies is definitely not hard to miss. Off-white currently produces everything on the market, from shoes & socks to hoodies, jackets and jeans. The retail price is something that dissuades many from copping off-white gear. We're talking from a couple hundred pounds for a simple looking hoodie with the logo, to a couple thousand pounds for fur jackets. Off-white is currently preparing for their SS18 collection and as always with off-white, every new collection has been better then the previous one. 

Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh


The use of Quotation marks in Off-white

Virgil Abloh loves the use of quotation marks in his designs. These citation marks aren't just some throwaway design tricks. In one of his latest interviews he stated the following:

“Quotation marks are one of the many tools that Abloh uses to operate in a mode of ironic detachment…Abloh rejects the who-did-it-first mentality of previous generations in favour of the copy-paste logic of the Internet and its inhabitants. His new order is protected by a fortress of irony.”

What's the verdict?

So what do i think overall about the fashion label? In simple's my favourite fashion brand at the current period of time. i could be looking like i had rough week, but off-white clothing is one of those things that you can look good in without even trying. I would say that, not everyone can cop off-white. just like any other luxury brand, it's not always the price, some people don't like hoodies & some people don't really look good wearing a massive oversized hoodie with a paint mark on it. Different factors play a key role here such as physique, age etc.