The reason i got into fashion and blogging etc. is because of a very popular Instagrammer who goes by the name of: @blvckd0pe. I remember looking at her page and thinking "WOW, she's got a good dress sense!". She had everything a blogger could ever wish for...good camera,...good outfits...good editing, you name it. I've always been into fashion and clothes etc. so i thought, "Why don't i start fashion blogging too?" and so i did! The problem initially was, what to call my self. Should i just go by my real name, my nickname or something else? Believe it or not, choosing a good username that fits you and the things you do is quite hard. So after a lot of thinking and looking at various usernames...i still couldn't find something that i liked :(

I remember looking for inspiration on the internet, but in the end, it was my wardrobe that gave it away. I love the colour black, it's the colour that i can wear and pull off all the time. 80% of my clothes are black in colour so you could say i had an obsession with black clothing. The hashtag #AllBlackEverything was pretty much a good definition of my fashion. 

So that was a very lovely story and to summarise things pretty much: "blvckcrvze" simple refers: "black craze" cuz i have A LOT OF BLACK CLOTHES

Baktash Noori