So every year myself and the family (Dad, Mum, Sister & Lil Bro) save up some money to donate to a single family that we can really help out during the month of Ramadan. As well as doing charity throughout the year, this is one where we really put some solid energy in.

As a family we focus all the money we raise throughout the year to a individual/family in Afghanistan simply because there are not many charities out there currently helping those in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a “black-listed country”, every day there is something going on, hence why the news has pretty much given up on covering the news there. It’s sad, but true.

Afghanistan is amongst the poorest countries in the world. It is my country. This blog will show and provide evidence of all the money raised and where it has gone , expenses, what the family/individual has received and how you have made an impact to their life.

All charity work that i do and carry out will be posted on here and my YouTube channel (The Life of Bako). 100% of all money raised will go to that individual/family with supporting evidence that can be found on this blog and a YouTube video that i will always release to show everyone how YOU have changed their life for the better. I may be quite slow in doing that, but it will happen, promise!

People (including myself) are always pessimistic about donating money sometimes, there are a lot of charities out there that take up e.g. 79% of the money raised as “Admin fees”. In my personal opinion, if charity is involved, it should be from a volunteering perspective where you do work for others from the goodness of your heart, to help them out and not for money. But that is just my opinion :)

With the charity work i do, all money raised will be sent to a family friend that lives in Afghanistan who will ALWAYS provide visual evidence of where the money has gone. I will ensure, and give my absolute best that i will aim to be 100% clear & transparent in my videos and blog posts with everything that has been purchased and how much the costs were etc :)

Please note: using websites like GoFundMe, means that a small amount will go to them unfortunately, so to compensate for this, i always try & cover at least 75% of that cost myself so it balances out. Naturally, as more money is raised, the GoFundMe page fee is higher, and it becomes more difficult for me to match that, but i promise to always try my best regardless :)

If you have any questions, please do reach out on my social media channels or via the contact form.

Let’s make the world a better place and help one family out at a time

Bako :)