Germany - Hamburg

Flight: Manchester Airport -> Hamburg Airport
Airline: EasyJet
Time of the Year: January
Flight Duration: Approx 90 minutes
Price: £60 (Including Fast Track)

Firstly, you have to note that I’ve been Hamburg numerous times. I have family living in Hamburg so whenever we needed a quick break, me and the family would drive to Hamburg from Rotterdam. Now that i live in Manchester (England) it’s cheaper and quicker to just catch a quick flight using SkyScanner.

So the first travel destination of 2018 was Hamburg, i wanted to go to the destinations where i have family living first, that way i would save money for bigger destinations i’d be travelling to and needing to cover the costs of flights, hotel, food etc. Hamburg was a great way to start vlogging, it’s not a popular destination and that’s what made it perfect. I could do some trial & error with my vlogging and learn along the way. That way i would leave the more popular & fancy destinations for when i got better at Vlogging. Fast forward a couple travel destinations down the line where i got really good at vlogging, editing, transitions etc. i started going to the more amazing destinations with skyscrapers, beaches & all sorts. More of that coming soon in another post!

What to do?

So i’m going to break-down in sections some of the places i visited while i was in Hamburg. These are just suggestions from my experience naturally, so you may find them as amazing as i did, or you may disagree. But that’s for you to decide :)

Miniatur Wonderland

Opening Times: "We are open 365 days a year, 
always at least from 09:30 – 18:00 h."
Price: Depends on what hour of the day you wish to enter, 
therefore Prices vary from anything between:
€7.50 - €15 for an Adult Ticket.

“Miniatur Wonderland” (not hard to figure out what it stands for) is a “Miniature Wonderland”. This is the number 1 best & highest rated thing to do in Hamburg, both by myself & TripAdvisor. It has the miniature versions of places in countries such as: Germany, Austria, USA, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy…the list goes on. Naturally they always have plans for the future on what they will add to their existing collection throughout their 3 floors. They are currently working on re-creating Monaco with a Formula-one circuit.

I really underestimated how good this place was, it is beyond amazing, see for yourself below:

Harbour Side

The port of Hamburg is the main sea port of Germany. It is referred to as the “Gateway to the world” making it the third busiest port in Europe after Rotterdam (Netherlands) & Antwerp (Belgium) & 15th largest worldwide. Crazy, i know!

Now the harbour side and the port of Hamburg sounds all amazing and everything but honestly speaking, it isn’t all that. You go, you take a look, you walk, you’re fascinated for a couple minutes, you get the idea, you call it a day and you move on.

That is pretty much what happened to me, i found it amazing and all, but…i am not much of boat, ferry, fishing or economics person to be fascinated by it. I couldn’t even make much content from it because it was so boring. Harsh i know! But i like being transparent and honest. The vlog below is really short as a result of it.


Avoid Taxi Cabs at all costs, just like with anywhere in Europe, they are crazy expensive. While in Germany, i made use of buses & Uber in the first couple days. But i soon figured it was better to use the “U-Bahn” . I did purposefully take a longer route once just so i can catch the “S-Bahn”.

The only main difference between the 2 was that the S-Bahn runs over-ground and in all honesty, there was no other difference but that. So yes, i did was 45 minutes of my time just to catch S-Bahn for no reason -.-


The U-Bahn (train) has four U lines through town, marked up in blue, red, teal and yellow on the city’s public transport map. All services run every five minutes or so, covering the central Hamburg districts.

Similar to the system in London, city centre zones are more expensive than the outer districts for travel. A single ticket in zones A and B costs €3.30. It allows you to change lines and means of transport to reach your destination, but does not cover a round journey. A day ticket costs approx. €6 - €8 if you start after the 9am rush hour. The UBahn runs a 24-hour service from Friday to Sunday.


Ok, so since i was staying at my uncle’s place in Hamburg, i didn’t go out much for food except for 2/3 times. Whenever i go Germany, i always aim for the same food but at different restaurants just so i can see and compare which is best :D

I always go for the German Donner Kebab, Mixed Shoarma or Lahmacun…sometimes even a remix of all if i’m really hungry.

€10 + a can of coke

€10 + a can of coke

Now you may be wondering, this is stuff that you can find in most places in the world?! NOPE! In Germany it’s different, much more better, more spice, more flavour, it’s like the chefs put some REAL ENERGY behind their cooking (LOL). I’m just kidding, but on a serious note, Turkish food in Germany is on a different level. I highly recommend you giving it a go.

What else?

Believe me when i say this, there isn’t much. Sure there is the usual football stadiums, shopping centres etc. But nothing unique (in my opinion) that i could actually vlog or blog about.

Would you go again?

No, for various reasons. Firstly, i’ve been too many times, there’s not much to do, not many places to visit that are unique in my eyes.

Hamburg was a good place to do some trial & error with and finding out my ways of vlogging and how to approach the whole editing thing.

In all honesty, i wouldn’t recommend Hamburg as a holiday destination, it’s a good weekend break, and that’s about it.